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If asthma is taking over your life, we can help you take your life back.

For nearly fifty years the Asthma Foundation of Tasmania's job has been to help people with asthma so they can lead a better life.

In that time we've seen tens of thousands of people. Many of those people had their lives taken over by their condition.

Today, however, with the improvements in medicine, there should be very few people who cannot get their asthma under control.

We can help you.

Smoke alert

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Just in! Our new Asthma and Anaphylaxis Schools Program

This version gives even more security for your students and creates less hassle for you. Thanks to all school staff members for your feedback and contributions.

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Talk to your community group

This initiative is brought to you by the Asthma Foundation of Tasmania, a contributor to Asthma Australia’s National Research Fund.

By clicking below you will go to Asthma Australia’s website. Asthma Australia is the coordinating body for all asthma foundations in Australia.

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